In twelve hours (5:00am)  I will be arriving at the Columbus Airport to head to Philadelphia for Staging.  From my understanding, Staging is an event that runs all afternoon the day before all of the Swaziland PCV (Peace Corps Volunteers) board the plane to head to Africa.  It will be the first time for the group to finally meet in person! Staging goes over the last minute important details before we leave, sign paper work, talk logistics, and who knows what else.  Staging runs from 2pm-7pm. After that, we have the night to do as we please. I expect that I will be using tomorrow night to make phone calls to friends and family and eat my last dish of sushi. Not sure if I will be sleeping at all because we have to be checked out of the hotel at 2:30am Wednesday to get to the airport for our morning flight.

Given that this is my last actual day, I was afraid it would be super sad.  Thankfully, I have been too busy to be sad! I have been up since 6am taking care of all last minute things like finalizing packing, weighing luggage (at least 5 times today), running errands, eating a dozen cookies people have given to me, going over my camping gear to make sure it is all good to go, and getting in my last bike ride.

The last several weeks have been incredible. It feels like I used time as productively as possible.  I spent time with those who matter most in my life and did all of the things I wanted to do. It has been one of those times where I can honestly say I made the most of every day.

This will likely be the last blog post I make for several weeks. I hope to be able to do it sooner but the PC has told us not to expect to have access to internet for several weeks and our phones will not work until we get new SIM cards for Swaziland which won’t happen for also several weeks.

Making sure gear is all good to go!